Making Postcards the Lomo Way

First posted in LomoManila, I decided to post it here as my first project 😀 Got another photographic thingy project going on in my head.

Quite a simple project of sending postcards with messages using your lomographs. The challenge was (if you can call it one) is how you make your photo paper postcard quality. Made a guide for the newbies back home and to forcefully shame motivate others to send postcards as well.

1. adhesive – as recommended adhesive spray is great! tried glue pero nagiging kulubot yung papel e.

2. scissors!

3. writing materials – wag ballpen ha. use them fancy pens if you have any

4. your lomographs!

5. old newspapers – you don’t want the spray sticking to your table now do you?

6. and of course, PAPER! 180-220 gsm is fine (200 na pinakamakapal na nakita ko sa store)

being an art project, lay down your newspaper and spread them photos.

its easier to spray, stick then cut. rather than cut paper, spray then stick. believe me…




rinse and repeat. an A4 can hold up to three pics. maximize!

write your message/emo/happy whatever you can think of that you can link to your image (or not)

buy stamps!

this was the box we setup for the exhibit we called “Unsent” (sort of a postsecret type of thing going on) we’re still collecting cards so if you want to join our little exhibit go ahead and send your postcards to the address above. Some Filipino here and there as I took it from my previous post will keep it uniform in future posts. What a perfect post for Instructibles.

Thanks to Mr. Ian for the idea and the process of making cards.


4 Comments on “Making Postcards the Lomo Way”

  1. silent killer says:

    now i shall make these type of postcards then send them you.. hwhahahahahahahahahahah BROMANCE yeah!

  2. Slightly Me says:

    how delightful! what a wonderful and simple way to make postcards. Will pop by your blog agsin soon.

    Kate @ Slightly Me

    • eugene1772 says:

      thanks kate! still fixing my blog to include all them RSS and other stuff to make it easier for all of us.

      see you around!

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