Skyfire – Browser on your mobile

Now I know why the name sounds so familiar! It’s a Transformer!

Anyways, that’s not the Skyfire I want to talk about. I’ve been toying with a lot of mobile technology lately, from mobile phones to netbooks and Skyfire is one application that has stood up in the mobile phone area.

Providing you with full (and I say full) browser support that is currently unbeatable by any browser on the mobile phone (including Opera Mobile, IE Mobile, Safari and Nokia’s thingamajig). I’ve been using Skyfire like it was a regular browser in your beloved PC. From watching videos served in Flash and Silverlight, to going through all my social media sites, Skyfire will never fail you. I don’t work for Skyfire but this is how you get a cult following. Dishing out great technology that really serves its purpose. Get Skyfire from

(pics soon)


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