Zune 4.0 Review

I’ve been an avid user of the Zune since I got my first Zune pass and I’ve been downloading tons of music and getting to know amazing artists all through out via the marketplace. With the release of the Zune HD, the Zune team also updated the software that comes with it and I have nothing but praises so far. (read my zune pass post here for some context)

Well this ain’t a review on Zune HD just because I don’t have one and I don’t think I’ll have one anytime soon. (Darn restrictions! I bet I’m not alone) This is about the Zune 4.0!

The Zune team made a great job of updating the player in so many aspects. I’m always a firm believer that small changes have great impacts and this update just screams it right into my face. There was no major UI change but rather small functional updates that just makes the experience overly enjoyable. From viewing the mix art to the smart DJ, the Zune just has this easy feel to it that it’s actually a joy to fiddle around and get lost.

The first screen introduces a number of new things that you can do. Focusing on the common things that one does on a music player it gives you easy access to the things that you would most likely do. Rather than wasting your time looking for that album, Zune arranges things for you and gives you place holders for your favorite music.

Smart DJ is something new as well. They have this magic algorithm that lines up related music based on the artist that you feed it. Not just that, but it also connects to the Zune Marketplace for you to discover related artists (this I love).

Mixart was changed to be more viewable. I don’t know if the bigger albums have any significance but I do enjoy looking at this more than before.

Hovering over an album now gives you options on what you want to do with it. Unlike before where you only had one option: PLAY

More pics below and most of it speaks for itself. Conclusion afterwards. 😉

Picks for ye

Music for ye

Music for ye

You get the point

something new though

Apps for ye!

Apps for ye!

Now this is a Zune HD only thing but the best part is YOU, yes YOU can develop your own apps for it. XNA based, I’m still unclear how you can “sell” your app though or how they’re going to distribute an app you submitted. We’ll see in time.

Overall the whole software was vastly improved. Already great on its own, the Zune team revised it with the launch of the Zune HD.

Try it out by going to http://zune.net/en-US/ Just tell them you’re from US and all’s well 🙂

Any Zune users out there? Give me feedback!

PS. My iTunes updated the same day as the Zune. dundundundun. Although I still hate it coz it looks like a board full of ads. 🙂

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6 Comments on “Zune 4.0 Review”

  1. Pharod says:

    The software is definitely a step forward and the integration with the Zune Pass seems amazing. I’ll be stocking myself with a year worth of subscription when I head to the US 😛

    • admin says:

      Exactly what i did 🙂 . I think I have 6 cards left. (i hope)

      I just don’t know why they can’t serve this outside US. tsk tsk

  2. David says:

    You can check out a video review of the software at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zArzH9pRsA

    • eugene says:

      Thanks for the link david. I’m planning to do a part two since I missed out on the smaller window as well as the features for windows 7. Will keep you posted.

  3. John Clark says:

    love the new software! the old stuff had so much potential, but it was so laggy and slow. i also love how great the quickplay looks with vista.

    • eugene says:

      the old software was also lacking some little features. I hated the way that you can’t use your credit once you have downloaded the song. small instances like those were solved in 4.0. Loving it so far and would post an update once I’m on Win 7. Would be fun to use the jumplists.

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