Moving Back

So…  After a long long hiatus and countless drafts, I decided it’s time to say hello and start a new.

I’m going back to after my exploratory self-hosting thingy. I guess it’s easier to maintain a blog here and just pay for the 15$ rather than going my own way. I just felt that it’s more fragile to handle an infra on your own.

Another is just focus. Just staying focused on what you do and on what you want to achieve. For me, it’s just sitting down every night and focusing on more technical studies and not doing more of these one off experimental things. (like what you read from me quite often *wink* *wink*) I got tons of ideas that I want to see come to life and I know I can only achieve this by focusing more and more everyday. I love how Richard St. John summarized success into 8 key things. Whenever I look at his diagram my eyes just automatically move to focus. If you haven’t seen his TED video go see it now. Be inspired and motivated! 😀

Richard St. John’s 8 to be great!


One Comment on “Moving Back”

  1. d says:

    ‘start a new’ — should be ‘start anew’

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