Welcome 2012 with Actionable Goals

As we enter 2012, everybody would have their own new year’s resolutions. Typical ones such as lose weight, save more money, be nicer, etc… Most of these resolutions never happen and it’s quite interesting to see how organizations cash in on these resolutions makers. Gyms, part time schools (think of language and cooking schools) and the like, love how people will join in the first month and slowly disappear as months pass.

Resolutions is a form cultural procrastination and we love making them as we see the new year as an arbitrary day that will magically change us and our environment. Unfortunately, we love setting ourselves up for failure by making vague resolutions such as lose weight, etc.

Let this post be my anti-resolution. I’ll blog more! haha but this time I’ll avoid the common failures of saying I’ll blog more. The more specific we are, the better the chances of actually fulfilling the “resolution”. So instead of calling it a resolution, I’ll call mine a habit. I’ll set time to blog every Friday afternoon 5pm – 6pm either on my personal blog or our work blog.

How about you? What’s your actionable goal?


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