[book review] The Mathematics of Love

A quick read on how aspects of such a complex thing such as love can be summed up into equations. Hannah Fry shares with us her thoughts on how mathematics can help us how to find someone, keep someone, and live happily every after. The Mathematics of Love will get you thinking on the patterns that make this unique feeling into something more tangible, and ultimately, understandable.

This short book is more of a compilation of other’s peoples research that Fry compiled into a more focused book. It starts by making sure that we understand how math plays a role in our lives including love. For such a complex emotion, I had doubts on how this will go about explaining love. I was somewhat disappointed and yet relieved that the book doesn’t really talk about love itself, but more of the aspects that make up relationships, from meeting people both online and off, to seeing the importance of beauty when dating. Fry also has a good equations for inviting people to your wedding and how to maintain a happy married life.

The book doesn’t kid itself that it knows how to quantify love, but it somewhat does because of how it approaches the other part of love, meeting people, maintaining relationships and happiness.

If you want to look at love from a different angle, I highly recommend this book. It’s only 86 pages long and you’ll definitely learn more about love afterwards.


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