Help Typhoon Victims in Philippines

UPDATE: For my friends in Singapore. You can easily donate by going to your UOB or DBS internet banking portals. Go to “Pay Bills” and look for “RED CROSS – PHILIPPINES TROPICAL STORM”. Any amount would help a lot.

UPDATE: Philippine Red Cross now has an official PayPal account you can donate to. Visit to help out.

If you haven’t been watching the news lately, my lovely country just got hit by a major typhoon.

And the reason you can’t see my country is because that huge ass typhoon is right above it 😦

I know I have a few readers all over the world and it’ll be great if you can help everybody back at home by donating any amount. $2 to you might be nothing, but even something as small as that can help a lot. I’m not good at convincing people but hopefully these videos can make you pass some of your change to people who need it the most.



The loss of life and property is just devastating and any help would be greatly appreciated.

There are many ways to help and this might be the easiest one if you’re not in the Philippines

If you have any questions or inquiries on what happened and how you can help, just leave a comment or talk to me at the contact page.

Update: You can also donate via PayPal here:

Update 2: More options for you to donate via PayPal here:



Marketing in the Social Age [SG event]

Attended my first “social media” event last Monday. It was more of a convenience as the event was held just a level down.

A lot of us has been hearing social media events where everything is organized via Twitter or Facebook. Marketing in the Social Age is one such event.

With main speaker Willy Foo (a renowned photographer in SG) we were up for a night of informational “marketing in the social age”

Speakers were

  • Willy Foo (@willyfoo)
  • Joe Augustin (@JoeAugustin) <- wasn’t present
  • Keith Nakamura (@Sillikat)
  • Derrick Koh (@derrickkoh70)
  • Willy Lim (@willylim)

Quite  a diverse crowd and I was excited to hear what they have to share.

Willy Foo started with an overview of social media and how it is affecting us. Numbers from different social media sites and countries were also presented. Then the agony began. It was off to a good start but I think Willy talked too much about Facebook and it’s small intricacies. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one who felt it as others were tweeting about the bad experience and you can see some of attendees leaving early. I did gain a lot of insight from his experiments and would like to hear more. Willy is such an inventive guy as he does a lot of experiments with Facebook (and for sure other social media outlets). Other than that I wish he didn’t take the whole session as he spent more than two hours talking (quite unbelievable if you ask me) but you can really feel his passion and I hope to hear more talks from him.

Up next was Keith Nakamura from Microsoft, I personally know Keith and it’s interesting how he did his talk. Microsoft being portrayed as an evil empire isn’t always bad and he used this to his advantage. Good work Keith! You won a few fans that night! You can check out what he shared during that night here: Singapore Windows 7 Experience Group

Derrick Koh from Lenevo shared their experience with social media and how it his helping some of his sales people. Quite interesting how social media is helping big companies such as Microsoft and Lenevo.

Willy Lim from NetProfitQuest shared how they are helping SMEs engage social media engines. Some reactions were quite negative but I learned a lot from him. Fundamentals is the key!

The night was topped off with a panel discussion and some questions were raised. A good ending for the night as people tweeted their reactions and questions with the use of TwitterFall.

Overall, the first event of Marketing in the Social Age wasn’t that spectacular but for sure they will improve in the next one. I’ll be there and would be happy to here from you guys again.

You can join their Facebook group here: Marketing in the Social Age

See you in the next event!


Constant Work in Progress

Finally settled on a theme and just gave up on constantly editing the look and feel of my blog. Turns out that this will take forever and it’s becoming a tedious task that you just want to skip and forever bury in the deep recesses of your mind.

So for all of you aspiring bloggers like me who can’t blog his way out of a paper bag.

Setting Up Your Blog 101

  1. Choose your blogging engine
    – tons and tons of options are out there. Choose wisely as you don’t want to start all over again. I choose WordPress because of its great community support and large user base. (Aside from personal tech support I get from fellow WP users)
  2. Choose your theme wisely
    – Your theme is how you want to be portrayed. Of course aside from your posts, your theme is the first thing your potential readers would see. If it’s a cluttered mess then that’s what they’re going to think about you. Now you know why I choose a minamilist, almost empty and blank page. For me content is king and that’s what I want my readers to focus on, not ads, badges, blogrolls and other none sense you can see from the usual “personal blogs”
  3. Take advantage of plug-ins
    – They are there for a reason. Obviously, you need readers aside from your family and friends, this is where SEO comes in. I’ll dedicate a few posts on this topic but essentially this is your number one tool to get people on to your site.
    – What do you want your blog to be? Is it a personal blog that contains your innermost secrets? A tech blog that contains tips and guides on different technologies? A cash cow blog? Whatever your blog is about the number one thing you have to take into consideration is content. Without it you might as well not start a blog in the first place. People visit websites because of the information they can get out of it. As my blog evolves you’ll see a slew of topics that I will cover.

This is a short list on what you would need to put up a blog (definitely there are more ‘comprehensive’ guides out there). Watch out as I update and revise my blog and see what type of content I put out.

My blogs death

I haven’t been posting in this blog for quite sometime and I was observing the stats the I have. Reason for my inactivity is because I’ve been setting up my blog under my own domain. Free WordpPress is quite good as they support a lot of features and widgets but if you want more advanced features, in my case SEO and stats, you would definitely want paid hosting. It’s not that expensive and I think it would be worth it if you want to take blogging and creating your online brand seriously. I’ll be redirecting most of my traffice to really soon. The only thing hindering me right now is the perfect theme. My current theme here is PressRow but unfortunately it’s not supported anymore. If you have any suggestions for a minimalist, two column theme leave me a comment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! 🙂

Skyfire – Browser on your mobile

Now I know why the name sounds so familiar! It’s a Transformer!

Anyways, that’s not the Skyfire I want to talk about. I’ve been toying with a lot of mobile technology lately, from mobile phones to netbooks and Skyfire is one application that has stood up in the mobile phone area.

Providing you with full (and I say full) browser support that is currently unbeatable by any browser on the mobile phone (including Opera Mobile, IE Mobile, Safari and Nokia’s thingamajig). I’ve been using Skyfire like it was a regular browser in your beloved PC. From watching videos served in Flash and Silverlight, to going through all my social media sites, Skyfire will never fail you. I don’t work for Skyfire but this is how you get a cult following. Dishing out great technology that really serves its purpose. Get Skyfire from

(pics soon)

The usual first post

As I explore wordpress, I am compelled to write the first blog post just like every other blog in the world.

Motivations for putting up the blog:

1. Keep track of the technologies that I’m following and exploring

2. Keep track of the personal projects that I’ve been doing

3. Keep track of the books I’ve been reading

4. Keep track of the music I’ve been listening to

5. Keep my sanity in a foreign land. 😉