Koenji Dadogei 2013 and Blogging

I’ve been falling into the trap of posting more pictures and videos on facebook. I’m assuming there’s an inherent desire to see all the likes and comments on one’s facebook page. The problem with posting too much on facebook is that you don’t get to own your content. As Scott Hanselman has said before, we are putting more of our content into walled gardens. In the hopes to share our experiences more we allow ourselves to trap our own content on somebody owns systems. Check out his post here.

On that happy note, I posted a video on facebook about Koenji’s Dadogei. Dadogei means street performance in japanese and you can find out more about it at http://www.koenji-daidogei.com/2013/

I noticed the video quality definitely suffers in facebook. The “shareability” factor also diminishes when you limit your video post on facebook and twitter alone as the content can only be viewed by your friends. I don’t think searching for Koenji on youtube or google will display your video in facebook which defeats the purpose of sharing. If somebody is doing research on the event, they they wouldn’t be able to access that content on walled gardens.

Conclusion. If the content itself is compelling enough, always share on more open platforms and the ones you control aka your blog.

Enjoy the videos from the final act of Koenji Dadogei 2013.

View it on youtube and you can crank up the video quality.