pptPlex PowerPoint 2007 add in from Live Labs

Are you a frustrated PowerPoint user? Do you wish there’s a better alternative aside from Keynote? Want to make your presentation better even if you suck at presenting? Well say no more! pptPlex is for you!

Developed by Microsoft Office Labs, pptPlex is a play on how you can extend PowerPoint and how a different way of presenting your slides can affect your whole presentation. This is achieved by deviating from the normal linear way of showing your slides. Whenever you are presenting in PowerPoint it assumes that whatever content you have is just linear, meaning you go from slide one to slide ten just like you are counting. PptPlex deviates from this by giving you the flexibility to jump from one slide to another while still maintaining an overall flow. Check out my short video below


I’m using the slides made by my friend Sile covering Windows Azure (http://innovativesingapore.com/blogs/mic/archive/2009/07/28/getting-on-windows-azure-in-3-days-day-1.aspx learn it here). Notice that you make your slides in the normal way, you then go to the pptPlex tab to use its features. From here you can then arrange your slides in sections. Using pptPlex’s slideshow, easily navigate between disconnected slides without having a disconnected experience when presenting.

I found this very useful especially for slides that has a lot of sections. If you need to skip one section you don’t need to move forward a lot. Just unzoom and double click on that section then proceed with your slides. PptPlex shows offs its capabilities with the different backgrounds that it has built-in. From timelines to flowcharts this is where pptPlex really shines.

This can be really helpful for those drill-in slides. Students out there would love this as it provides another dimension to your presentation.

Some cons though as some PowerPoint objects disappear when you use pptPlex. (Inking for one) None the less, if you want to spice up your boring slides, this can just be the thing you are looking for. But always remember not to overuse it. Use it to complement your slides rather than be the center of it. If your presentation is simple enough, then a linear presentation might be the best rather than making a complex zooming in and out type of slides.

So stop reading and give it a shot. Never hurts to try out something new especially on things you present in and out. You might even get a better reception using this one.

Download it here:  http://officelabs.com/#pptplex

Give me a shout out if you like it or hate it